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“Here at Chef Style Boston, my goal is to create each dish to display a touch of sophistication, yet provide elevated comfort to my clients. Food connects us and there is a story to tell with each dish. This is precisely why I fell in love with the mere thought of becoming a Chef. At the end of the day, I truly want to share my passion for food and tell a new, ever changing story. Food brings comfort, at least to me, and I just want to elevate that comfort. We do it together by incorporating new flavors, styles of cooking, and presentation that I’ve learned from many amazing people and wonderful cultures on this journey!”

-Chef Jason Jernigan

Chef Owner, Chef Style Boston


Chef Jason Jernigan

     I was born and raised in Portsmouth, Virginia by my amazing parents. My mother and father were the true "Farm to Table" pioneers in my eyes and they did so with ease, creativity, and passion. Whether my mother was frying up freshly caught fish by any one of the Jernigan men or stewing freshly cut okra from the garden, she was always creating dishes in the kitchen.  Meanwhile, my father could be found grilling, shucking oysters, or steaming blue crabs in the backyard. It felt like every day was an episode of "Chopped."  I was always intrigued by the excitement of not knowing what we were having for our next family meal.  My passion for food grew exponentially through watching my parents hard work to sustain a family of six. Their creative nature and effortless approach to new dishes would later transform how I perceived food and would place me on a path of culinary discovery.  

My Parents...My Heart!

My Parents...My Heart!

     This same discovery of my own culinary world began when I was five years old with my childhood best friend, John. John is Moroccan and is also a lover of all that is food!  I can still remeber climbing the fig tree planted by their mother Fatiha and getting yelled at for eating the figs too soon!  The memory of tasting lamb for the first time afer seeing it cooked fresh in their backyard,  will always be the defining moment when I fell in love with food.

This is my journey, are you ready to discover yours?

Nothing better than being able to hop over the fence and see your friends. Such an amazing sense of community!

Nothing better than being able to hop over the fence and see your friends. Such an amazing sense of community!